Signs That Your Company's Waste Byproducts Are Contaminating The Soil In The Dump Site

20 May 2018
 Categories: Environmental, Blog


In industry and manufacturing, there is always some byproducts. These byproducts are waste, which cannot be effectively converted or recycled into anything useful, so they have to be dumped and contained somewhere. There are federal regulations to which companies like yours must adhere.

You are certain that your company is obeying them. At least, you believe so until someone draws something strange to your attention. Weird and terrible things happen when there are leaks in your containment zones for the waste your company produces. Here are some of the signs you should be aware of, and the reasons you need to take immediate action.

There Are a Lot of Dead Animals or Deformed Animals

Many of the toxic byproducts and waste from industrial and manufacturing companies can cause birth defects or death. If you receive a report that numerous dead animals have been found near your containment zones, there is a very good chance that you have a leak. If you receive reports of deformed animals or eggshells that are cracking before birds and reptiles are fully ready to emerge, that is also another sign that you have a leak.

Humans Are Dangerously Ill and/or Dying

If people live within twenty miles (give or take a few miles) of your containment zones, you should be monitoring their health too. When your company's waste is properly contained, the people living close to it should be unaffected. If they are getting sick, developing illnesses like cancer, and/or are dying when they should not be, your company needs to find the leak and repair it.

Living Animals Have High Levels of Toxins in Their Systems

If things are going wrong with animals, such as a river filled with dead, floating fish, you might want to send a toxicologist out to that river to extract any living animals he/she finds. Then the toxicologist can test the fish for high levels of the waste materials that are supposed to be fully contained in your company's containment zones. If the fish and the river are contaminated, you have to contact the wildlife game preserve organization in your state to alert them to this serious problem.

Testing Humans

Testing humans are going to be a lot more difficult. Yet, you will absolutely have to convince families with strange illnesses for permission to test their blood too. If the same toxins are discovered, that confirms that you have some major construction to do for contaminated site remediation. Your company should also offer to cover all of the related medical expenses of the affected individuals and families.

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